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bradford nolen

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Nude Descending
Science disgusts me .
As soon as it gets its mitts 
on the narrative, it’s shit.
I’d have it rolled up 
and carried to
in anonymous pits.
I’d say, Who used a chorus 
of typewriters last?  And also 
Whenever the gasping rise up 
in arias of armaments they
open and swoon, wounded
in their brandishing light
(See photograph, p 208
in Motherwell’s.) 
After waking, lie
down upon razors or
with fleas in heat; 
and bleet for more 
mead. Then take me
I’m wet with 
apparati and embers. 
I’ll be ready to be
deceived by then,
by you and by

Fabrication note:
Cento Quilt Series. Unbordered applique block/icon. Primary material: Dada Painters and Poets: An Anthology, edited by Robert Motherwell. Technique: aleatory+syntactic tacking.

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