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maryhope|whitehead|lee & ryan greene


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hot thread
bared against
a rippled
distance as
they build
a thing
and ask no
cloud to
gather hope
to stay
your candle
burns your
candles burn
for flight for
dry for who's
left after
quilted pockets
gathered sewn
red lettered
cotton kerchiefs
public red
and bubbling
can't forget they
want to have all
this all for-
gotten un-
seen un-
said you once
said you once
were walking
there that
stretch of
desert slept
there how
the stars
wept wish i'd
asked you

re-sampler_13 is the final snippet of SAMPLER + RE-SAMPLER, a collaboration in ecstatic ekphrasis with collage samplers by maryhope|whitehead|lee and audiotextual re-samplers by ryan greene. this thirteenth (and final) re-sampler includes references to the Migrant Quilt Project and Fuentes Rojas (some general info here), both of which highlight how community-rooted artistic collaborations across time and distance can emerge from and result in their own form(s) of collage

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