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josh rourke

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i'm basically a salt shaker

& u all my slugs

not like i respect osmosis not like i respect any of u just to penetrate &
to be

too stealthy for my own

(not like an expect)

wish u cd run wish i cd

please see me moreso a pepper grinder

i like me am small spicy

am always a

now for me many days believing
myself to be good at people
many days i do not

now when u crack me

everyone eat(s)

ars poetica as grab bag of titles from some exhibit in le palais de tokyo

as usual we are greedy we want
and we want:

poems on post post material
poems on internet art practices

poems to objectify love
poems to victoriously note sadness

poems that detail the sexual life of objects
poems that outline compromised ideals

poems as table of contents
poems as summer revolutions

poems to catalogue the whole earth
poems to catalogue tourists zombies & phantoms

poems that uphold the fight against symmetry
poems that flaunt exoticism in the visual arts of late capitalism

poems to argue against darwin
poems to exile

poems to show the crisis or form in political discord
poems to unveil unicorns entrepreneurs & other mythical creatures

poems that paint the artist as a young snake
poems that paint the final days of modern thinking

poems that show europe, the red fish

poems that give reasons for stealing at an empty museum

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