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federico federici

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this is an abandoned text i return to

what the xxx sad

smell of a desiccated thing

Asemic texts undergo a permanent Brownian motion which inhibits sharp trajectories while unfolding subtler perspectives. Primary signs may find themselves merged with already informed ones, as if ground by some uncalibrated machine of enunciation. The strong relational force between the signs themselves tends to shift the focus from orthography and syntax to almost topology, plunging asemic texts into metric spaces. No longer does the artist act like a Duchampian mediumistic being. His invasive surgeries cut the stirred nerves of communication, dissect texts and layouts against the backdrop of intangible digital languages, crammed with jingles and banners, dovetailed into a strategy of osmotic capitalistic propaganda. As opposed to this micro-textual assembly line, asemic texts are flickering pointers, muted enunciators, not oriented semiotic segments, challenging the reader to renegotiate an active relationship with the text itself, hanging in the balance between reading and watching but contrasting both. Signification appear hence to consist of compressed tree rings within the text, whose presence is intensified, but not resolved, by an all-pervading bark of signs. Without an univocal message to barter, the gap between authorship and beholdership is left intentionally vacant.

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