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alex tretbar

43 comments and assorted hyperlinks: a digital gravestone rubbing

after my father’s online obituary page published by the Wichita Eagle

Where do I start? Jamie, you were
correct in saying that we are saddened
by the rest of your family’s presence
across the back fence of our thought.

I remember growing up in Forest Hills
and running the neighbor hood [sic]
with you.

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Sincerely, your tragic loss
was a very special freind [sic]
who lit last night a candle,
played your favorite music,
and a quick mind is difficult
at this time. We are sorry to
hear the death of your laughter,
earth a unique tribute realizing
huge smiles on our faces, even
time itself is often untimely.

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20 Creative Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

Quite honestly I never would have made it
through my business classes without a recent dream
of you, Edward, Dennis, all catching up
with Billie Shaw who moved away
back then… Thank God my son
had such a wonderful baseball coach.

            June 1, 2008
            June 1, 2008
            June 1, 2008
            June 2, 2008
            etc. etc. etc.

Dear Brenda, Alex, and Jack,
dear summer months and sympathy
and Son with a capital “S,” dear
Uncle Sam and I, dear infectious
laugh, dear shock to me, dear warm
heart and dear magnetic personality,
we are sitting up in heaven thinking
of you regularly. Years ago i [sic]
had to go there and see if the plaque
was still hanging up with his name and
it was. Dear, draw comfort from knowing.

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Words are not adequate to express my 5th Grade.
Words are not adequate to celebrate the LIFE of Lamie Jo.
Words are not adequate to reflect and separate and wonderful.
Words are not our old friends and neighbors.
Words are not hanging out in your family room.
Words do not grant you all that you need in your time of sorrow.
Words are possibly one of the most intelligent people I have ever known.
Words passing away, words difficult to imagine this world without words.
Words and his family, Dearest Dr. and Mrs. Tretbar & Family.
Words, our words are with you.

And I will miss you a lot!!
You always made me laugh and will never forget you!
Damn Jamie I never got to see you again[.]

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