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ida williams

fractal 3

fractal 4

fountain of youth


Fractal 3 and Fractal 4: phrases that are repeated by the artist's grandmother who has dementia. Her state of mind makes it appear to her that these phrases are new inventions, but instead they are just repeated patterns. The phrases were fed into this fractal-generating program.

Fountain of Youth: Using medicine bottles and other medical supplies, this recreation of the fabled Fountain of Youth explores the consequences of longevity through medicine. The sign posted at the front of the piece is a reproduction of the official landmark signage for the Fountain of Youth in Saint Augustine, Florida. Florida and its reputation for being the final retirement destination for many Americans boasts of beautiful weather and a more relaxed quality of life, but the reality of aging means that life can be prolonged without the ability to delay the decay of the body. The fountain appears to flow perpetually, but is rather aided by a pump that runs on electricity, much like the devices and apparatuses that keep the aging alive. The Fountain of Youth is said to be ever flowing and offers a reversal of aging. The closest we have come is the extension of it. This piece is part of a larger collection of works focused on the consequences of extending life for the elderly without enhancing quality and meaning for them.

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