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oak morse

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Lexi makes me tanka
After Douglas Kearney

Lexapro lends me
ladder to climb back into
my throat, twist my tongue
into spunk.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I
surged more in the last month than
the rest of my tainted
thirty years. Ha, up here is
where I smell like Eden—new.

Depression got to
pay! Pay for all those lost years.
I’m going back with
Water guns! Fully-loaded
melt Witch, be atom I stomp!

Press! Old stress for sale!
Buy two sets of stress for a
nickel, get the whole
department of them for free!

When I blink, I hear
chimes, this teal pill more
shenanigan than me
or I’m inside out, exposed
like cotton candy stick nub?

Ta Love, Lexi, Mwah!!
Bet you two kneecaps I’m not
going back to house
anxiety, I’ve jived, jigged
onto soft shoulders of peace.

Rouge please! Rouge please on
my new wonders; thought I was
way too dead to be
extracted from darkness. Oh
if my Renaissance had words!

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