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robert carey


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A stream in a sunny valley Generous, pink-and-blue clouds pass over a dusty trail Clouds move over a ridge

Billowing clouds White spray of snow plowed by a train

A violet dawn or twilight from a train window The wake of a boat's passage Breaching humpback whale

An iceberg calving just behind the boat The cliffside collapses in dust and snow

A timelapse of Pine Island Glacier melting Sand dunes dancing over several hours or days A patch of prairie grass seen through a dancing frame

Dry tall grass by a river bend A somewhat dry riverbed from an archival photo

A crowded and busy clothing factory Smokestacks pumping into the sky A toast inside a pub

White women under flags, turn-of-the-century Black women picking cotton, the same era

A bridge over still water A farmer tilling his field Waves of grass moving in the wind

A crawling beetle in the hay Cotton candy being gathered up and consumed

This poem assembles GIFs found on giphy.com through associative-logic searching. They're arranged in the order of their discovery in renga-like stanzas, with subterranean lines of poetry written in response to each image-in-sequence.

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